Online Scavenger Hunt Clues

There are 10 flowers hidden on our site.
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Here are your clues:

  • This family-owned business supports whale and dolphin research and is unisex.
  • Loved by dogs and their humans
  • Everything you need is inside of you; the rest is in the bag! Make today ridiculously awesome with this perfect bag for a weekend getaway.
  • This company helps rescue abused/abandon animals and makes our owners favorite body mousse.
  • Also, an owner fav! It’s delicious on “everything” – developed by local chef & it's gluten free too!
  • Find out all about us!
  • This honey is one of our best sellers & she is perfect for work, travel, every day, & big enough for busy moms on the go!
  • Energizing & refreshing – made for a man but the lather is so awesome, women love it too.
  • Timeless bag that will last a lifetime; made by a company with a heart. Classic style and color for year-round use.
  • American made, a great way to let her know you love her to infinity & beyond.

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